What is Orthotic therapy?

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Orthotics are a pair of discrete custom-made medical shoe inserts. Orthotics are often used for the treatment of many different conditions of the feet and legs such as heel and arch pain, Arthritis, ankle and achillies pain, shin splints.  Orthotics can help correct poor foot mechanics, back problems and other issues in the knees and hips.  Clinical assessments and orthotic prescriptions are carried out with precision to ensure each orthotic is suited to each patient. 

Athlete running in Hervey Bay after consulting foot doctor


Our orthotic perscriptions extend to patients with professional sporting backgrounds.  When sport is your career and your wellbeing, getting the best advice is essential. Many of our  patients have gone on to achieve great success in their sports thanks to Family Feet Podiatry treatment. If you're worried about your feet and you're involved in sports professionally or casually, give us a call for more information.

The Orthotic Process

1. Your podiatrist diagnoses your foot condition.

2. A range of clinical assessments and tests are carried out.

3. An optical 3D foot scan is taken of both feet.

4. Your podiatrist prescribes your custom orthotics to be manufactured just for you.

5. You return to clinic to have your new orthtoics fitted, about two weeks later.

6. Patients are reviewed within a few weeks of the orthotic fitting to ensure function and comfort, and to further cutsomise the orthotics.

7. You walk away with happy feet.